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NEWS | Nov. 20, 2014

UNC Celebrates the 69th Anniversary of the United Nations in Japan

By Osakabe Yasuo

Army Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, commander of the United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, and U.S. Forces Korea traveled to Tokyo as the host and guest speaker at a reception honoring the 69th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations held Tuesday evening at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo.

The reception was attended by Japanese and international dignitaries who gathered to honor the founding of the UN, recognizing what UNC and United Nations Command-Rear contributed and accomplished in the region for the over 60 years. 

Addressing the reception, Scaparrotti said, “The mission of the United Nations Command and its Sending States is to maintain the Armistice, preserve stability, enhance deterrence, and it the event of conflict, lead and provide multinational military support to the defense of the Republic of Korea.”

Scaparrotti expressed deep appreciation for the work done by UNC-R.

 “This small yet capable group [UNCR] maintains the Status of Forces Agreement for UN Forces in Japan and is prepared to support UNC operations within Japan and facilitate the movement of Sending States’ forces to Korea in a time of war,” Scaparrotti said. “Additionally, UNC-Rear conducted several orientation visits of the bases UNC forces would use in the event of a contingency. These visits build trust and develop a greater mutual understanding among Sending States and the Republic of Korea.”


Army Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, commander of United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea, addresses ceremony attendees during the 69th Anniversary of the United Nations, Nov. 18, 2014. (U.S. Air Force photo by Osakabe Yasuo/Released)


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