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J5 - Strategic Planning & Policy


Welcome to the United States Forces Korea (USFK) J5 webpage!  This assignment is both challenging and very rewarding, personally and professionally. Korea is a unique duty location with a continuous real world focus.

Mission and Vision Statement

J5 conducts strategic, operational, and political-military estimates; policy and strategy formulation; and interagency coordination. We execute deliberate and contingency theatre campaign planning and coordinate strategic U.S. and coalition force flow. J5 conducts U.S. international negotiations, ROK-U.S. Alliance coordination and U.S. force planning. We coordinate Congressional Affairs; and we serve on both the American Embassy Country Team and the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) committee.

A high performing directorate filled with joint military and civilian team members serving in their assignment of choice. We seamlessly collaborate with joint, combined, coalition, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations (IOs) and interagency elements. J5 actively supports a vibrant ROK democracy, U.S. and ROK military transformation, and defense reform while remaining postured to immediately transition to conflict. Our goal is a strong, maturing ROK-U.S. Alliance that effectively protects the U.S. and ROK homelands and maintains peace and stability in North East Asia.

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J5

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J5 - Major General Robert B. Sofge

Major General Brian N. Wolford

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