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USFK Judge Advocate


Greetings and welcome to the Office of the Judge Advocate webpage.  We are a joint and combined team of military and civilian legal professionals supporting the commander and staffs of the three commands: United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command (CFC), and United States Forces Korea (USFK), as well as supporting the readiness, fighting strength, and morale of our forces in Korea.  Through expert legal advice to our clients, we ensure adequate levels of personnel are provided to theater service components so that they can “Fight Tonight.”  Our goal is to improve communication, understanding and cooperation between our staff, our clients, and our mission partners. 

Mission and Vision Statement

Provide the commander and staff candid, principled, rapid, and relevant legal counsel, in order to facilitate maintenance and enforcement of the Armistice Agreement, support U.S. Forces operating in Korea, and, in the event of hostilities, advise leaders of Alliance Forces in accordance with the Law of Armed Conflict.

A diverse team of military and civilian legal professionals operating in a joint and combined environment, providing the commander and the staffs of UNC, CFC, and USFK with peerless legal analysis and solutions to support security commitments, maintenance of the Armistice Agreement, crisis management, and, if necessary, combat operations. Judge Advocate provides exceptional and actionable legal options and products in a candid, timely, clear, concise and professional manner.

USFK Judge Advocate

USFK Judge Advocate - Colonel Anthony C. Adolph

Colonel Tony Y. Kim
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