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J6 - Command, Control, Communciation & Cyber


Within this webpage, you can find current information about our mission, staff organization, and contact phone numbers. We want you to be able to learn who we are and what we do during your virtual visit.     

We proudly maintain and advance communication systems with leading edge technological capabilities to enable the command and subordinate components to effectively control assigned and augmented combat forces during armistice, contingencies and conflict. 

First, we want to implement Net Centric Warfare operational principles following an overarching Information Resource Management Strategic Plan. Second, it’s imperative we sustain communication system capabilities the command must have to “Fight Tonight." Third, we must efficiently and effectively plan, program and execute our budget programs. 

Our near-term planning goals are designed to enable the commander to achieve his priorities:  

  • Transform our C4I systems to support Net Centric Warfare 
  • Establish a standardized combined collaborative tool to use across all security domains  
  • Implement shared situational awareness across domains that enables collaboration, self synchronization and enhances sustainability and speed of command 
  • Achieve information systems interoperability at the theatre and operational levels  
  • Protect and defend information systems from internal and external attacks 

Our team is working these challenges hard and making progress everyday!

Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of USFK J6 is to enable Command, Control, Computing, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting (C5ISRT) capabilities in support of joint and combined operations for UNC, CFC, and USFK to prepare the Republic of Korea and U.S. Alliance Forces for conflict. 



Assured C5ISRT for the premier Joint Force, USFK – well Integrated, resilient, trusted command and control for multi-domain operations.

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J6

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J6 - Colonel Erick O. Welcome

Colonel Erick O. Welcome

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