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Inspector General

Mission and Vision Statement

The USFK Inspector General (IG) is a confidential advisor to the commander; a fair and impartial fact finder; and a problem solver whose focus is readiness, warfighting capability, and oversight. The IG makes inquiries into any matter within the scope of the commander’s authority and serves as the extension of the commander’s ears, eyes, voice, and conscience to the service members, civilians, contractors, family members and commands it is assigned to support.

The IG has four core functions: Assistance, Investigations, Inspections, and Teaching and Training. These functions work together to solve issues, correct and improve systems, processes, and behaviors to build cohesive teams and enhance the readiness and warfighting capabilities of the Command.

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An informal fact-finding process used to address a complaint involving a request for assistance or a request for information. 

The IG encourages personnel to allow their chain of command or chain of supervision to solve problems at the lowest level.



The IG assesses, assists and enhances the ability of the command to effectively prepare for and to perform its assigned mission.

The IG identifies root causes of problems, and apply a compliance oriented or systemic approach measured against an established standard.



Investigations are a fact-finding examination into allegations of impropriety or an adverse condition affecting the warfighting and mission capability of a command.

The IG may investigate any violation of law, policy, or ethical standards, including but not limited to allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.


Teaching and Training

The IG utilizes knowledge and experience to assist in achieving and maintaining discipline and combat ready units.

While inspecting, assisting or investigating, the IG improves the command by teaching and training others in policy and procedures.

Assistance and Complaints Resolution

The USFK Inspector General provides responsive assistance to soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, guardians, DoD civilians, family members, military retirees, and invited contractors needing assistance resolving matters of DoD interest. The IG does encourage the use of the chain of command and supervisory chain of management as a first option; however, we recognize that may not always be feasible. Our team will assist you with determining the best course of action to resolve your concerns.

Filing a complaint with one of our IGs may be done in several ways. You may visit our office, give us a call, or send us an email with a completed DD Form 2949 (Joint Inspector General Action Request).

Confidentiality is an IG core tenet and we strive to protect your identity from disclosure throughout the process.

IG complaints may be filed anonymously but should contain enough detail to allow concerns to be examined rather than dismissed for insufficient information.

Not all matters presented to the IG are appropriate for the IG. Some concerns and civilian grievances must be resolved in other channels unless they were improperly administered. Our team can assist you with the appropriate avenue of redress.

The following are examples of matters that are NOT appropriate for the IG for your reference:

Complaint Avenue of Redress
Conditions of employment (personnel policies, personnel office practices and matters affecting working conditions) Servicing Civilian Personnel Office
Administrative separations Military Personnel Office
Hazardous working conditions Local Safety Office
Landlord or tenant disputes Local Housing Office
Claims against the government Staff Judge Advocate
Military Records and Performance Reports Military Service Human Resource Command
Medical treatment Surgeon General
Things to Remember about the Inspector General

Everyone has the right to contact an IG at any time, and no one may hinder an individual’s right to do so. Supervisors may not engage in reprisal or retaliatory measures against a person for contacting an IG. Dissatisfaction with the outcome is not considered improper administration.


USFK Inspector General

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COL Patrick S. Altenburg

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