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Land of the Morning Calm

With a blend of rich traditions and modern innovations, South Korea offers a unique assignment that promises excitement, cultural immersion, and limitless opportunities.
Whether you are relocating to experience the culture or for broadening your military or civilian career, Korea is exceptional place to call home and explore. So come and discover the charm and wonder of the peninsula as you embark on a remarkable journey through the vibrant cities, pristine landscapes and rich cultural heritage of South Korea.
And Embrace the ROK!

Places to Visit in Korea

USFK Cultural Immersion Program

Interested in learning more about Korea? USFK and CFC, partnering with the ROK government, provides free cultural immersion tours. These tours go to variety of locations in South Korea where you can learn more about Korea, try Korean food and visit interesting places. Costs such as transportation, lodging, meals and entrance fees are covered and you can even bring your family! Space is limited on these tours, so make sure to contact your leadership or USFK J1 Cultural Immersion Program Team via email at indopacom.humphreys.usfk.list.usfk-cultural-immersion-program@army.mil for more information on how to sign-up!


Korea Cultural Immersion Program

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Additional Resources

Korea Tourism Organization | 100 Must Visit Tourist Spots in Korea
Updated yearly, KTO provides an exciting list of must-see locations while in Korea.

Korea Tourism Organization | Korean Food
For all things Korean Food, KTO provides lists of restaurants and places to try. This page also provides information for special diets and information about popular Korean foods.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism | Webzines
A collection of webzines that include information on key tourist locations, maps and themed guide books.

National Disaster & Safety | Korea Travel Hotline - 1330
The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline is operated by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)and is a one-stop helpline available as a public service for local and international travelers.



Special Operations Command Korea

CNFK | Korean Culture and Common Phrases
CNFK's page about Korean Culture. This page also has a few common phrases to help navigate off-base.

National Institute of Korean Language | Resources
Supporting the use of the Korean language, the National Institute of Korean Language website has various resources about learning the Korean language.

National Institute of Korean Language | English-Korean Dictionary
An English to Korean dictionary that also provides a daily Korean word to learn. This dictionary also provides an audio clip for pronunciation and associated idioms and phrases to words.

National Institute of Korean Language | Romanization of Korean
Provides the corresponding romanization of the Korean alphabet.

National Institute of Korean Language | All about the Korean Alphabet (Hangeul)
Learn all about the Korean alphabet, also known as Hangeul.

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