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J8 - Resources & Assessment


Welcome to the USFK J8 page! Within this webpage, you can find current information about our mission, staff organization, contact phone numbers, and links to relevant information.

Korea is a unique duty location with a continuous real world focus. We take pride in providing world-class service to our commanders and customers alike. Our United States Forces Korea (USFK) J8 team efficiently and effectively plans, program and execute our budget programs to support U.S. Forces in the Korean Theatre and those who would be subsequently deployed in the event of crisis and contingencies.

U.S. Forces in Korea are faced with unprecedented challenges. While the mission on the peninsula to deter aggression and support Republic of Korea (ROK) Forces in the event deterrence fails has not changed, the availability and structure of resources have. Faced with uncertainty, the USFK Commander is making some tough decisions. The USFK J8 readily provides the commander with sound resource management and force structure advice and assessments to posture this command for success.

Mission and Vision Statement

The USFK J8 mission is to provide force planning, development, and structure assessments to the commander, United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command (CFC) and USFK to prepare ROK and U.S. Alliance Forces for potential conflict. The USFK J8 also provides resource management support to the commander in support of the U.S. Forces already in theatre and those subsequently deployed.

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J8


Colonel Bobby Davis

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