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Within this web page you can find current information about our mission, staff organization, contact phone numbers and links to relevant information. We want you to be able to learn who we are and what we do during your virtual visit.

We have a strong team of talented U.S. and Republic of Korea (ROK) professionals who play a critical role in enforcing the armistice and deterring North Korean conflict. Our work is dynamic, fast-paced, challenging and rewarding.

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of the J3 is to provide operational direction for all ROK and U.S. forces assigned to and under the operational control of the commander, United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command (CFC), and United States Forces Korea (USFK) to prepare ROK and U.S. Alliance Forces for conflict.

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J3

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J3 - Major General David A. Lesperance

Major General
David A. Lesperance

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