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J4 - Logistics


Hello, and thank you for accessing the USFK J4 page! The USFK J4 team is focused on providing world class logistics support as U.S. Forces transition and transform on the Korean peninsula. With ongoing transformation, we are actively engaged in innovative and exciting new opportunities to support a broad range of missions for years to come. Within this webpage, you can find detailed information about our organizational structure as well as critical points of contact that can answer your questions. We encourage you to contact us on any logistics issues for assistance and resolution.

Mission and Vision Statement

J4 plans, coordinates, synchronizes and integrates Multinational Logistics and the Joint Logistics Enterprise (JLENT) during armistice and contingency operations on the Korean peninsula, in order to set the theatre, maintain “Fight Tonight” readiness, and strengthen the ROK-U.S. Alliance. Upon transition to conflict, the J4 establishes centers facilitating operational freedom of action.

USFK Assistant Chief of Staff J4

Brigadier General Martine S. Kidd

Brigadier General
Martine S. Kidd

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