Quarantine Information for Arrivals

         - Arrival to South Korea

         - Landing in Osan

         - Entering Quarantine

         - Day to Day Life in Quarantine

         - Out Processing Quarantine

         - Notes and Resources

  1. Components, units and sponsors ensure inbound personnel conducting quarantine on USAG Humphreys receive 2ID quarantine guide. Comprehensive quarantine guidance for all inbounds conducting quarantine on Camp Humphreys can be found here.
  2. 7th Air Force personnel PCSing to Korea will quarantine at either Osan Air Base or Kunsan Air base. Details on Osan’s quarantine process can be found here.

Online Driver's Training

USFK's online driver's training and test on JKO are now mandatory. This change allows sponsors to assist authorized troops and families and set them up for success before they arrive. You may not go straight to the test and skip training.  You must take the training first before you will be allowed to take the test.  A passing score on the test is required to receive a POV license and/or a military/GOV license. Service members will need to establish JKO accounts for dependents who will be taking the training and test.

For more information, visit our Driving in Korea page by clicking here.



USINDOPACOM Korea Cultural Training (J3OP-US1207 VCAT Republic of Korea)

**Problems accessing the USFK Training Module should be directed to the help desk at JKOHelpDesk@jten.mil or 757-203-5654/DSN 668-5654 if you have not received an account notification in 24hrs

Counter-Intelligence Training

All DoD personnel inbound to Korea are required to complete service specific Counter-Intelligence Awareness and Reporting (CIAR) training IAW DoDD 5240.06. CIAR training is required within 30 days of arrival at a new duty station or employment with DoD. It is also DoD policy that training be completed face-to-face whenever possible.

Note: All inbound Army personnel to USFK should receive CIAR training through in-processing at USAG Humphreys.


USAG Humphreys Military Intelligence Detachment (SMID), 501st MI BDE
DSN: (315) 753-8644
COMM: 050-3353-8644

Air Force POC

Department of the Air Force, Office of Special Investigations (OSI Det 614)
DSN: (315) 722-9350
COMM: 050-3322-9350


DSN: (315) 723-2465
COMM: 050-3323-2465

USAG Yongsan POC

Seoul Military Intelligence Detachment (SMID), Yongsan Field Office/ 501st MI BDE
DSN: (315) 736-6385
COMM: 050-3336-6385