Three Commands

Forces on the Korean peninsula is a unique atmosphere, unseen anywhere in the world. Although we are composed of multiple commands, at our core, we're here to provide support to the Republic of Korea.


United States Forces Korea (USFK) is responsible for supporting and training joint ROK-U.S. Forces and United Nations Command multinational Forces. Established on July 1, 1957, USFK supports both the CFC and UNC and participates annually in joint and combined operations with CFC to train and maintain readiness for personnel and augmentation units.

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Meet the USFK leadership team: Leadership Bios available in English & Korean.

Command Philosophy

USFKs holistic vision for how to continue accomplishing our mission, how the various arms and components within USFK should work together, and how USFK aims to safeguard the welfare of all those affiliated with USFK.


An overview of the USFK organization and what each division and special staff does to support the command. Each division and special staff provides a brief introduction, leadership portraits and contact information. 


Established on November 7, 1978, the Combined Forces Command (CFC) is the heart of the Rok-U.S. Alliance and remains an enduring testament to the dedicated partnership between the United States and South Korea. The ready and capable CFC stands at the crux of the command's tripartite structure and enshrines the shared ROP and U.S. commitment to the defense of South Korea.

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Meet the CFC leadership team: Leadership Bios available in English & Korean.

CFC Commanders

Past and present Commanders of Combined Forces Command.


United Nations Command (UNC) is the unified command structure for multinational military forces established in 1950 to support South Korea during the Korean War. Comprised of 18 nations, UNC continues to be an important vehicle for coordinating multilateral engagement, bringing international partners into the fold and providing a standing multinational framework for the integration of multinational forces into the command, should military operations become necessary.

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