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Personnel Services

Provides the USFK Commander with manpower and personnel support for planning and operations.


Provides, accurate, detailed, and relevant information and knowledge to command.


Conducts operational planning; organizes forces for assigned missions; coordinates movement and employment of forces; and monitors and directs operations in order to enhance stability in the area of activity.


Provides world class logistics support as U.S. Forces transition and transform on the Korean peninsula.

Strategic Planning & Policy

Conducts strategic and operational planning, political-military estimates, policy and strategy formulation and interagency coordination.

Command, Control, Comms & Cyber

Maintains communication systems to enable the command and subordinate components to control assigned and augmenting combat forces during armistice, contingencies and conflict..

Resources & Assessment

Plans, programs, budgets, and executes fiscal resources to deliver the best capability-value from the resources provided.

Acquisition Management
Personnel Services

Provides daily contract support for USFK and providing acquisition services supporting the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines and Special Operations Command Korea during armistice, contingency and conflict in the Korean theater.

Command Chaplain

Provides religious leadership and comprehensive religious support across the range of military operations in support of the mission during the armistice, crisis and contingency operations to enhance the readiness, resiliency and empowerment of the community.

Command Engineer

Provides the commander maximum flexibility for theater operations through developing plans; acquiring and maintaining USFK facilities; developing and enforcing the commander’s environmental policy; and planning theater support.

Command Historian

Provides, writes, records, and preserves historically significant information about the command.

Command Surgeon
Strategic Planning & Policy

Serves as the principal advisor to the USFK Commander for Force Health Protection and Health Service Support within the Korean Theatre of Operations.

Inspector General
Command, Control, Comms & Cyber

Provides the commander with a sounding board for sensitive issues and serves as a fair, impartial, and objective fact-finder and problem solver.

Judge Advocate
Resources & Assessment

Provides legal support and guidance to the commander and staffs of the three commands, as well as supporting the readiness, fighting strength, and morale of our forces in Korea.

The Office of Civilian Personnel Director
Resources & Assessment

Enhances command readiness by developing, managing and executing Korean National Human Resources policies, programs and systems for the USFK Korean National workforce and invited contractors working in Korea under the U.S.-ROK SOFA.

Provost Marshal
Resources & Assessment

Provides support to the USFK and area provost marshals, and consists of four divisions: Operations, Law Enforcement, Customs and Security.

Public Affairs
Resources & Assessment

Provides the commander with public affairs guidance and support within the Republic of Korea through planning, developing and synchronizing effective programs, policies and resources that support the commander's priorities and concept of operations.

Secretary Joint Staff
Resources & Assessment

Serves as the administrative office manager for the commander, deputy commanders, chiefs of staff and deputy chiefs of staff, UNC, CFC and USFK.

SOFA Secretariat
Resources & Assessment

Provides a cadre of international relations and language specialist to support the U.S. Representative to the U.S.-ROK SOFA Joint Committee and the Special Joint Committee.

Transformation & Restationing
Resources & Assessment

Overseas policy development, coordination, synchronization and integration for the Land Partnership Plan (LPP) and the Yongsan Relocation Plan (YRP) as well as any additional force stationing issues, in support of the commander.

Special Staff



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