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USFK Honors Civilian Employees of the Year

PA-001-21 | Nov. 17, 2021

United States Forces Korea recognized 19 U.S. and Korean National civilian employees spanning 11 categories during USFK’s 2021 Civilian Employees of the Year awards ceremony at the River Bend Golf Course today.


Gen. Paul LaCamera, UNC/CFC/USFK commander, presided over the ceremony and expressed his appreciation for all the recipients.


“There are more than 12,000 civilian employees performing a wide variety of important missions and task that support our joint force,” said LaCamera. “Today, we honor some of them for their outstanding service on behalf of our nation and the ROK-U.S. Alliance.”


The Civilian Employees of the Year Award Ceremony recognizes the excellence and achievements of civilian employees from across USFK’s component commands stationed across the Republic of Korea. USFK headquarters and the component command were able to nominate candidates for each category, with an unbiased panel choosing the overall winners for each category.


Each awardee was presented with a plaque for their accomplishment by Gen. LaCamera.


“Our superb legion of dedicated civilians are an integral component of our readiness, our warfighting team, and our overall defense of freedom here on the peninsula,” said LaCamera. “We can’t do it without you!”


The following list of civilian employees were honored in the below categories:


Manager of the Year:

  • Ms. Jacqueline Leeker, Deputy Director, Public Affairs, USFK, U.S.

  • Mr. Yi, Yong Chu, General Supply Specialist, 19th ESC, Material Support Command-Korea, KN


Supervisor of the Year:

  • Ms. Michelle Ma, Budget Analyst, J8, USFK, U.S.

  • Ms. Chon, Hyon Chu, Food Operations Assistant, 8th Force Support Squadron, PACAF, KN


Professional of the Year:

  • Ms. Sandra Neuman, Work and Family Life Specialist, Commander Navy Region Korea, CNFK, U.S.

  • Mr. Cho, Song Sam, Engineering Technician, DPW, IMCOM, KN


Administrator of the Year:

  • Mr. Jared Burgamy, Public Affairs Specialist, Commander Navy Region Korea, CNFK, U.S.

  • Ms. Kim, Chong Ung, Administrative Support Assistant, Troop Support, DLA, KN


Technician of the Year:

  • Mr. Jason Cadieux, Information Technology Specialist, Information Operations, DLA, U.S.

  • Mr. Yi, Hong Chang, Firefighter Crew Chief, Directorate of Emergency Service, IMCOM, KN


Clerical Employee of the Year:

  • Mr. Shawn Carmichael, Unit Program Coordinator, 51st Munitions Squadron, PACAF, U.S.

  • Ms. Kim, Un Hui, Lead Accounting Technician, Army Finance and Accounting Service, USARPAC, KN


Customer Service Employee of the Year:

  • Ms. Ki, So Young, Management and Program Analyst, Information Operations, DLA, U.S.

  • Mr. Han, Ki Su, Supply Technician, 15th KSC CO, 19th ESC, KN


Skilled Employee of the Year:

  • Ms. Shanna Blocher, Physical Fitness Specialist, MRW, CNFK, U.S.

  • Mr. Kim, Yong Wan, Electronics Mechanic, 621st Air Control Squadron, PACAF,  KN


Laborer of the Year:

  • Ms. Ku, Song Hyon, Kennel Support Attendant, 8th Security Forces Squadron, PACAF, KN


Individual with Disability of the Year:

  • Mr. Kim, Pom Sik, Non-Tactical Vehicle and Equipment Operator, Commander Navy Region Korea, CNFK, KN


KSC Employee of the Year:

  • Mr. O, Yun Son, International Relations Specialist, 34th KSC Co, 19th ESC, KN


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Photos of the USFK Civilian Employee of the Year awards ceremony are available at www.flickr.com/photos/unc-cfc-usfk/


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