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Two USFK Service Members Confirmed with COVID-19

PA-001-21 | Jan. 22, 2021

Two USFK service members tested positive for COVID-19 on Jan. 21.


Both service members are stationed at Kunsan Air Base, have been in quarantine since Jan. 20 following their direct contact with a service member who tested positive on the same date, and tested positive after developing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.


Both are currently in isolation at an Osan Air Base facility designated for confirmed COVID-19 cases.


USFK health professionals determined contact tracing was limited due to the individuals already being in quarantine.


Despite the confirmed cases, USFK remains at a high level of readiness with less than 1% of its active duty service members currently confirmed positive with COVID-19.


USFK continues to maintain a robust combined defense posture to protect the Republic of Korea against any threat or adversary while maintaining prudent preventive measures to protect the force and the mission.   


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