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USFK Assures Community DoD Flu Vaccine is Safe

PA-001-20 | Oct. 26, 2020

As we enter flu season, it is important for the USFK community to get their annual vaccination. Coupled with the presence of the COVID-19 virus, now is not the time to avoid or delay in getting your flu shot.

All U.S. military members are required to receive the seasonal flu vaccine annually, and the USFK Commander has directed all USFK service members to get their flu shot by Dec. 1 and recommends all other beneficiaries ages six months and older by Dec. 21, or as mandated by DoDEA or the installation Child and Youth Services if their date is earlier.

“The presence of the common cold and flu season are upon us,” said Gen. Robert “Abe” Abrams, USFK Commander. “And the potential exposure of the COVID-19 virus is something we cannot afford to risk by delaying or avoiding the flu shot. Do your part to protect the force, and get your shot today.”

USFK wants to assure everyone that the U.S. Department of Defense-distributed flu vaccine has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is safe, and unlike other global reports regarding various vaccines potentially linked to illness and death, there have been zero reports of serious adverse effects or reactions reported across the DoD medical system associated with this vaccine.

While the flu vaccine will not protect against COVID-19, the flu vaccine has been shown to reduce symptoms and the risk of illness, hospitalization and death associated with an influenza infection.

Please see your chain of command, installation or primary healthcare provider for dates, times and locations the flu vaccine will be administered.

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