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Team Osan personnel to move surveillance radar

17-023 | June 25, 2017

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea — In the spirit of being good neighbors, Seventh Air Force and U.S. Forces Korea leadership have decided to move a radar at Osan Air Base that has caused recent public concern.

The AN/TPS-59, a ground-based radar that provides long-range surveillance in defense of air and ballistic missile threats, is temporarily operating at Osan AB to complement current Alliance surveillance capabilities. Based on manufacturer data, there is no risk of harmful effects to people around the radar as it is operated at Osan AB. The radar is safe for local residents, but based on input from local representatives, base leadership decided to relocate it to another location on Osan Air Base away from the installation perimeter.

USFK leaders remain committed to strengthening our relationship with the Korean community. Questions about this subject should be directed to Mr. Kim, Won Hui, Seventh Air Force Media Relations Officer, at 031-661-4780 or 010-2491-0621.
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