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NEWS | July 28, 2016

Korea commemorates 63rd anniversary of Korean War Armistice

By Jacqueline Kraft

The Ministry of Patriots and Veteran Affairs hosted the 63rd Commemoration of Armistice Agreement Ceremony at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, July, 27.

The MPVA hosted this ceremony to commemorate the sacrifice and commitment of the citizens and Soldiers of the Republic of Korea and to thank United Nations Command Sending States’ service members, for helping to maintain stability and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

“It is fitting that we continuing to honor this day and recognize the contributions of our nations’ patriots in ensuring the freedom and security of republic of Korea,” said Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander of U.S. Forces Korea, Combined Forces Command and United Nations Command. “Sixty-three years ago the signing of the armistice agreement provided a sense relief to the world as three years of bloodshed came to an end with the goal of finding peace through political settlement.”

Following Brooks’ remarks Prime Minister Hwang Kyo Ahn addressed the group who consisted of Korean citizens and diplomatic and military representatives from various countries who contributed forces to the 1950 conflict.

“The government will protect our citizens’ safety and lives in any cases by establishing powerful security system [and] not forgetting the Korean War’s painful experience,” said Hwang.

Four veterans from United States, Republic of South Africa, the Philippines and France were awarded for their outstanding service during the Korean War.

The eldest grandson, Raymond Davis, who received a medal of honor for the Jangjinho Battle for the retired Gen. Jeffrey Davis, who passed away in 2003.

The 1953 Armistice agreement between the two Koreas was signed as an agreement of ceasefire between United Nations Command, North Korea and China. This agreement was never replaced by a permanent peace treaty, meaning that two Koreas still technically exist in a state of war.

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