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NEWS | Jan. 28, 2014

The United Nations Command (Rear) change of Command

By Osakabe Yasuo 374th Airlift Wing public affairs

Royal Australian Air Force Group Captain Barbara Courtney assumed command of United Nations Command, Rear, from Royal Australian Air Force Group Captain Luke Stoodley during a ceremony at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Jan. 28.

The guest speaker for the event was U.S. Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of the United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, and U.S. Forces Korea.

"Service members of the Republic of Korea, the United States and the UNC standing states work hard every day both in Korea and Japan to maintain the armistice and the readiness. Our combined joint team does this by ensuring we have the proper manning, force structure, modern equipment, and readiness to fight the night. UNC (Rear) is a vital part of that team and continues to embody the spirit of Gen. McArthur's vision.

Under the superb leadership of Group Captain Luke Stoodley, the small and capable group maintains the status of forces agreement for UN forces Japan." Scaparrotti said during the ceremony.

As the United Nations Command's principal representative in Japan, the UNC (Rear) maintains the status of forces agreement regarding United Nations Forces in Japan during armistice conditions. During hostilities, the unit supports UNC operations within Japan and facilities the movement of UNC Sending States' Forces through the country to Korea.

The UNC (Rear) is composed of eight nations accredited to the United Nations Command: Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom.
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