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NEWS | July 27, 2014

61st Anniversary of Armistice

By Staff Sgt. Ryan Harris, USFK Public Affairs

Leaders from the United Nations Command and the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission gathered at the Freedom House by the South Korean demilitarized zone on Sunday, July 27th to recognize the 61st anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean war.
Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, commander of United Nations Command (UNC),  Combined Forces Command and United States Forces Korea spoke at the event, and echoed the words President Dwight D. Eisenhower said 61 years prior when establishing the armistice.

”With special feelings of sorrow – and of solemn gratitude – we think of those who were called upon to lay down their lives … to prove once again that only courage and sacrifice can keep freedom alive upon the earth.” Gen. Scaparrotti said.

Gen. Scaparrotti ensured the crowd of close to one-hundred that the Armistice and the United Nations Command were intent on keeping the security and stability the armistice provides.

“The United Nations Command will not falter in its mission to carry out the terms of the Armistice Agreement,” Gen. Scaparrotti said,  “and will continue to represent the will of the international community in an effort to bring free peoples one step nearer to their goal of a world at peace.”

Gen. Scaparrotti also explained how much the armistice has allowed South Korea to prosper.

“It is through the strong spirit of camaraderie and determination that the Republic of Korea was able to transform from a nation devastated by war to a global, economic and cultural leader; a free and open democracy; and the world’s 12th largest economy,” said Scaparrotti.

The UNC Commander was joined in speaking by leaders from the Republic of Korea military and the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission.

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