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NEWS | June 8, 2022

Quarantine no longer required for international arrivals

As of June 8, USFK aligned its arrival entry requirements with ROK policy. 

All SOFA-affiliated international arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, shall not be subject to quarantine. 

A PCR test will be taken no later than Day 3 at a military treatment facility, no exceptions. In accordance with ROK guidelines, a self-administered Day 6/7 antigen test is recommended but not required. 

Non-traveling cohabitants of international arrivals do not have to restrict movement upon traveler's return; however, non-traveling cohabitants shall monitor their health for COVID-related symptoms for 7-days and report for testing if symptoms develop. 

Components may implement their own transportation procedures for their personnel through ROK international airports, including privately owned vehicles, government owned vehicles, government-contracted buses and public transportation in accordance with ROK policy. 

All non-SOFA-affiliated arrivals and short-term visitors that do not reside in the ROK will follow all ROK entry requirements. Any costs resulting from ROK entry requirements, including COVID-19 testing, shall be incurred at the expense of the non-SOFA-affiliated traveler or short-term visitor and shall not be reimbursed by U.S. government funds.

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