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NEWS | Jan. 20, 2018

Guidance for USFK workforce on government shut down

USFK Teammates and Community -

As many of you are aware, appropriations lapsed at midnight EST, Friday 19 January causing a shutdown of the Federal Government. This includes the Department of Defense and all military departments, with allowances for "excepted" activities to continue. The USFK staff will communicate updated information as we receive it via official notifications and social media reinforcement.

USFK is currently providing the following guidance to our workforce:

REPORTING FOR DUTY: Military and Civilian staff should continue reporting for scheduled duty as normal. USFK staff positions are "excepted" from the effects of a lapse in appropriations.

MILITARY PERSONNEL: All military personnel performing active duty will continue in a normal duty status. Military personnel will be paid when Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service.

CIVILIAN PERSONNEL: All USFK civilian employees (U.S., KN, and KSC) are required to report to work as scheduled on Monday, 22 January 2018 (or their next duty day if sooner). USFK employees are considered "excepted" from the furlough based upon current guidance and past practice, meaning they will be required to work and will be reimbursed at such time as Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service. If civilian employees are scheduled to be on leave, they will be required to either report for work or take leave without pay. They should make contact with their leadership ASAP to discuss their options.

TRAVEL: All official travel (including TDYs in progress) will be cancelled unless deemed in support of excepted categories. J8 has notified select travelers who can continue on planned travel this weekend. For personnel already TDY, supervisors will be notified NLT 1200 KST on 21 Jan 18 to notify those personnel who will need to return to Korea. J8 will publish a mechanism for gaining approval on other travel during the remainder of the shutdown period once an approving official for such travel is appointed.

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