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U.S. Patriot Battery Validates Readiness

PA-001-22 | March 15, 2022

USAG Humphreys, Republic of Korea —

Following the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recent increase of missile launch frequency in 2022 and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s enhanced ballistic missile defense directive, the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade stationed in the Republic of Korea - increased the intensity of their certification exercise recently to demonstrate USFK’s capabilities and commitment to defend the ROK against any threat or adversary.

DPRK’s significant increase in its missile testing activity undermines peace, security and destabilizes the Northeast Asia region.

The 35th ADA Patriot unit validated their armistice and wartime mission requirements to protect and defend the ROK-U.S. Alliance by moving to a remote location, occupying its wartime defensive position, emplacing the Patriot missile system, and executing air and missile defense operations under a simulated combat scenario.

While this type of training is routinely conducted by U.S. Patriot batteries across the ROK, its increased intensity of its certification underscores the seriousness USFK takes against the DPRK’s recent missile launch behavior.

USFK remains at a high level of readiness and continues to maintain a robust combined defense posture to protect the ROK against any threat or adversary.

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