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A Good Neighbor Designate Offering for April 2019

| U.S. Forces Korea | April 18, 2019



SUBJECT: A Good Neighbor Designate Offering for April 2019

1. A series of unprecedented wildfire engulfed eastern part of Korea in April of 2019 and caused catastrophic damages to the Gangwon Providence. The president of the Republic of Korea declared the affected area as the disaster area and began the recovery process. However, it will be a long and painful journey for those who lost their loved ones and properties.

2. Time is as such calls for a good neighbor to act upon it. We the members of the United States Forces of Korea did render support during the fire operations by providing air assets and will be standing by with our Korean friends as a good neighbor.

3. Therefore, I strongly advise all chapel communities in Korea to designate the most Holy Day in the Christian tradition, Easter Sunday of 2019, as the Good Neighbor Sunday as a “Designate Offering Sunday” for the relief efforts to support our Korean Neighbors in suffering. Each congregation may choose an appropriate organization(s) to support their “good neighbor action” according to the will of the congregation.

4. The following is, but not limited, a list of suggested organization that directly affected/involved in the recovery effort for your consideration:

a. Korean Red Cross Disaster Relief

b. Far East Broascasting Company Yeongdong Recovery

5. Upon completion of the Designated Offering, please contact our office with the result. POC for the action is MSG Desir at 315-755-4550 (DSN) or Faustin.desir.mil@mail.mil.