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Command Philosophy

  • Command Climate/Environment-the foundation of a high performance organization

    • Effective communication (often-formal and informal) (Personal Battle Rhythm).

    • Trust

    •  Teamwork
  • Empower subordinate commanders

    • Mission, Intent, Clear Guidance     
  • Understand my intent – Move out 

  • High Standards in the fundamentals – a foundation of our profession

    • Discipline

    • Fitness

    • Value

    • Security – Understand and discuss risk
  • Common sense – Be Practical

  • Good staff work – “Agility is good thinking done in advance”

  • A human endeavor – take care of people

    • Mental, physical, spiritual, family, career

Command Priorites

USFK Vision Statement

United States Forces Korea is the premier Joint force – Well led, disciplined, trained and ready to Fight Tonight and win. USFK Team Members earn the trust of the citizens of the Republic of Korea and the United States with their words and actions.


  1. The Alliance

  2. Combat Readiness

  3. Taking Care of Our People

  4. Coalitions


Commander UNC/CFC/USFK