Deputy Commander CFC

Gen. Kim, Seung Kyum

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General Kim, Seung Kyum was born in April 1963 and is currently the Deputy Commander of Combined Forces Command.

Gen. Kim's Key Posts include:

  • 29th CFC Deputy Commander
  • ROK Army HQs Vice Chief of Staff
  • CDR, Ⅲ Corps
  • DC3, CFC
  • Chief of Armed Forces Day for the 67th anniversary event planning group
  • CDR, 28th ID
  • President of Army College, Joint Force Military University (JFMU)
  • Chief of Staff, 6th Corps
  • Deputy CDR, 21st ID
  • Joint Operations Director, JCS
  • Chief of Staff, 35th ID
  • CDR, 12nd Regt, 1st ID