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Surgeon, FKSG


Welcome to the United States Forces Korea (USFK) Surgeon website! The USFK Surgeon serves as the principal advisor to the Commander, USFK for Force Health Protection and Health Service Support within the Korean Theater of Operations.  The USFK Surgeon’s staff is comprised of a joint team of military medical planners and health professionals responsible for establishing both Health Service Support and Force Health Protection policies and programs designed to sustain and enable the fielding of a healthy and fit force, protected from disease and injury.  These policies and programs establish measures to promote the well-being, ensure a high quality of life, and strengthen the joint and combined force to protect against diseases and non-battle related injuries. 


A healthy and fit joint and combined force provides the Commander with optimally fit members with an increased capacity to withstand the rigors associated with military operations in a joint and combined environment.   Through collaboration, and cooperation between the USFK Surgeon’s staff and the Combined Forces Command (CFC) C-1 Medical staff, essential and effective, Health Service Support planning and coordination are conducted to ensure an adequate and sustainable Health Service Support plan to enhance the readiness, and ensure the Republic of Korea (ROK)/U.S. Alliance is prepared—and if required, to fight tonight.


Within this website you will find information pertaining to our mission, staff organization, contact phone numbers and links to relevant medical sites.  We want you to learn more about who we are, and what we do during your virtual visit.  Our ultimate objective is to improve communications, understanding and cooperation between our staff and our customers.  This website is one mechanism to attaining that objective.  Our website contains links to information you will find useful.  


To plan, develop, exercise, implement, coordinate and manage joint Health Service Support programs to enable and sustain a healthy and fit force during Armistice and transition to hostilities in the Korean Theater of Operations.



  • Principle health service advisor to Commander, U.S. Forces Korea (USFK).
  • Coordinates and ensures the provision of Health Service Support and Force Health Protection as a sustainment and protection function.
  • Develops Health Service Support strategic plans, policies and procedures and synchronizes Health Service Support activities along all Lines of Operation.
  • Coordinates Force Health Protection measures and procedures, and advises the command staff and component commands on the impacts of diseases and other health threats.
  • Assesses component Health Service Support requirements and capabilities.
  • Ensures coordination of Health Service Support and Force Health Protection operations that sustains collaborative joint planning between Combined Forces Command/USFK, DoD and U.S. Government agencies, Host Nation, and allied participants.
  • Coordinates with components to ensure joint medical synchronization, standardization and interoperability of health service resources.
  • Coordinates medical participation in theater level exercises.
  • Coordinates with Host Nation medical authorities on matters pertaining to public health, and other medical emergencies.
  • Manages the joint blood and joint patient movement requirements programs for USFK.
  • Manages medical logistics requirements and establishes theater policy for medical materiel standardization.


To be the premiere advocate for Force Health Protection and Health Service Support in the Korean Theater of Operations, under all conditions from Armistice to hostilities.

USFK Organization

Surgeon: COL Douglas A. Lougee


Unit Content Manager
DSN: 755-8453

Command Surgeon
DSN: 755-8445

Deputy Surgeon
DSN: 755-8447

Chief, Plans & Exercises
DSN: 755-8448

Force Health Protection Officer
DSN: 755-8450

Immunization Specialist
DSN: 755-8452

Korea Area Joint Blood Program Officer
DSN: 755-8449