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Secretary Joint Staff, SJS


Welcome to the Secretary Joint Staff (SJS) webpage! Within this webpage you can find current information about our mission, staff organization, contact information, links to relevant information, and resources.


The Secretary Joint Staff (SJS) serves as the administrative office manager for the Commander, Deputy Commanders, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Chiefs of Staff, United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command (CFC), and United States Forces Korea (USFK). Manages all administrative actions, staff actions, by the staff, component commanders and external agencies that are addressed to the Command Group.  Responsible for distribution of mail, documents and electronic messages for Command Group.  Manages logistical support, supply budget and daily operations of the HQ Building.  Provides protocol, reception, transport and administrative support to Distinguished Visitors to the Command and Act as the point of contact for all LNOs engaged in daily business with the UNC/CFC/USFK command group.




USFK Organization

Col. Brian K. Richie



Secretary Joint Staff (SJS)

COL Brian K. Richie

DSN:  755-4319


SJS Deputy


DSN:  755-4392


Staff Action Control Officer

MAJ Shawn Crowe

DSN: 755-4318


SJS Administration

MSgt Porscha L. Prince

DSN:  755-4313


USFK Protocol

Mr. Claude Hunter

DSN:  723-7930