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SOFA Secretariat, FKDC-SA


The Office of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Secretariat provides a cadre of international relations and language specialists to support the United States Representative to the US-Republic of Korea (ROK) SOFA Joint Committee, the Special Joint Committee, as well as Joint Committee activities and auxiliary organs established by the Joint Committee (i.e. subcommittees, working groups). The US-ROK SOFA Joint Committee is a consultative body established by the US-ROK SOFA pursuant to the US-ROK Mutual Defense Treaty. The United States Representative to the US-ROK SOFA Joint Committee is the Deputy Commander, United States Forces Korea, appointed by the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Korea to represent the United States Government.

주한미군지위협정(SOFA) 사무국은 한미 SOFA 합동위원회 및 특별합동위원회의 미합중국 대표를 지원하고, 합동위원회가 설립한 보조 기관(분과위원회 및 합동실무단)의 활동을 지원하기 위한 국제관계 전문가와 언어 전문가로 이루어져 있습니다. 한미SOFA 합동위원회는 한미 상호방위조약에 근거한 한미 SOFA 협정에 의거하여 설립된 협의체입니다. 한미 SOFA 합동위원회의 미측 대표는 주한미대사가 미합중국 정부를 대표하도록 임명한 주한미군 부사령관입니다.


The SOFA Secretariat provides US-ROK SOFA implementation policy advice, analysis and critical international relations assessments to the United States Representative to the US-ROK SOFA Joint Committee, and all UNC/CFC/USFK/Component commanders/staff assigned to the Special Joint Committee, the Joint Committee and associated subcommittees and working groups. The SOFA Secretariat plans, organizes, executes Joint Committee and Special Joint Committee meetings while also directly supporting subcommittee/working group meetings in the understanding and implementation of SOFA provisions. In addition, the SOFA Secretariat publishes, records and maintains all SOFA-related official meeting records, international agreements and Joint Committee, Special Joint Committee, subcommittee and working group correspondence.

SOFA 사무국은 한미SOFA합동위원회의 미측 대표와 특별합동위원회, 합동위원회, 관련 분과위원회, 합동실무단에 배정된 모든 유엔사/연합사/주한미군/구성군 사령관/참모에게 한미SOFA 이행에 관한 정책 자문과 분석, 그리고 주요 국제 관계에 대한 평가를 제공합니다. 또한 합동위원회와 특별합동위원회의 회의를 계획, 조직, 실행하며, SOFA 규정의 이해 및 이행과 관련된 분과위원회/합동실무단 활동을 지원합니다. 그 외에도 SOFA와 관련된 모든 공식 회의 기록과 국제협약문, 그리고 합동위원회, 분과위원회, 합동실무단의 서신을 발행하고 관리합니다.

The SOFA Secretariat is also responsible for negotiating agreements, understandings, views and engaging directly with multiple ROK Government Ministries/Agencies, to include: Foreign Affairs, Justice, Environment, Economy & Finance, Korea Disease Control and Prevention, National Defense, Employment & Labor, Agriculture/Food & Rural Affairs, Trade/Industry & Energy, Land/Infrastructure and Transport, and Cultural Heritage, whether in armistice or during contingencies.

SOFA 사무국은 또한 전평시를 막론하고 협정과 양해사항, 그리고 합의사항과 관련하여 대한민국 외교부, 법무부, 환경부, 기획경제부, 질병관리청, 국방부, 노동부, 농림축산식품부, 산업통상자원부, 국토교통부, 문화재청을 비롯한 대한민국 정부 부처/기관과 협상하는 역할도 수행하고 있습니다.

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SOFA Secretariat - Timothy K, Spann
Timothy K. Spann


Special Assistant to the Deputy Commander for International Relations/SOFA Secretary
DSN: 755-4030 

Administrative Specialist
DSN:  755-4035

Deputy Secretary/International Relations Specialist
DSN:  755-4032

2nd Secretary/International Relations Specialist
DSN:  755-4031


3rd Secretary/International Relations Specialist
DSN:  755-4635

4th Secretary/International Relations Specialist
DSN:  755-8595

Language Specialist (Interpreter-Translator)
DSN:  755-4033