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Provost Marshal, FKPM


Welcome to the USFK Provost Marshal page.  Within this website is current information about our mission, staff organization, contact phone numbers and links to relevant sites. 

The USFK Provost Marshal staff consists of the Combined/Joint Provost Marshal Office (CJPM).  The CJPM provides support to the USFK and area Provost Marshals, and consists of four divisions: Operations, Law Enforcement, Customs and Security.  The CJPM is responsible for the development and coordination of operational plans and policies to synchronize efforts between the Combined, Joint and Component staffs as it relates to the employment of all Military Police type forces in the ROK during armistice and war.  Below are some of the responsibilities of the four divisions:


Operations Division


·         USFK Joint Military Police Plans/Operations


·         Combined Military Police Planning /Operations


·         Detainee Operations/Plans


·         ROK MP/KNP Coordination  


Law Enforcement Division


·         Law Enforcement Procedures and Policies


·         Serious Incident Reporting


·         Joint Police Information Center (JPIC)


·         Prostitution and Human Trafficking Hotline


·         Motor Vehicle and Traffic Supervision


·         Off Limits Areas and Establishments


·         Road Conditions (USFK Web Page Link and Recorded Road Condition Hotline [738-ROAD])


·         Civil Gatherings


·         Police Intelligence


Customs Division


·         Customs procedures, training and policies


·         Ration Control program


·         Foreign Goods Transactions – excess purchasing and black market activity


·         SOFA Representative


·         Immigration POC for USFK


·         Liaison with USFK ACofS , J4, the Korean Customs Service/Immigration Service and other government agencies as needed concerning Customs Issues


Security Division


·         USFK Installation Access Control Policy


·         Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS)


·         Antiterrorism/Force Protection - Physical Security and LE Response


·         Physical Security Policy


·         Non –SOFA POV Registration


·         Registration of Privately Owned Firearms Policy


We hope this website assists you in answering any questions you may have as you prepare to come to Korea or while in theater. Please view our links which contain the most current information to assist you in answering your questions, and do not hesitate to call the points of contact on the roster to answer any further questions or comments you may have. 


The United/Combined/Joint Provost Marshal (CJPM) develops and coordinates operational law enforcement plans and policies and synchronizes efforts between Combined/Joint and Component staffs in regards to the employment of Military Police forces during periods of armistice and war.  Provides customs, immigration, law enforcement reporting, installation access control capability, and related host nation coordination to the Korea Theater of Operations. 



USFK Organization

Provost Marshal

COL Michelle M. Goyette


Road Conditions Hotline
DSN: 755-8077 / COMM: 050-3355-8077

UNC / CFC / USFK Provost Marshal Office

Provost Marshal
DSN: 755-8068 / COMM: 050-3355-8068

Deputy Provost Marshal (Combined) (ROK)
DSN: 738-6881 / COMM: 050-3338-6881

Deputy Provost Marshal (Joint)
DSN: 755-8099 / COMM: 050-3355-8099

Provost Marshal Sergeant Major
DSN: 755-8096 / COMM: 050-3355-8096

CJPM Operations Division

DSN: 755-4527 / COMM: 050-3355-4527

DSN: 755-8097 / COMM: 050-3355-8097

Operations NCO
DSN: 755-8098 / COMM: 050-3355-8098

Plans NCO (ROK)
DSN: 738-4746 / COMM: 050-3338-4746

Plans Officer (ROK)
DSN: 738-5205 / COMM: 050-3338-5205

CJPM Law Enforcement Division

DSN: 755-8083 / COMM: 050-3355-8083

DSN: 755-8092 / COMM: 050-3355-8092

KNP Liaison/Police Intel
DSN: 755-8081 / COMM: 050-3355-8081

Joint Police Information Desk (JPIC)
24 Hours
DSN: 755-8082 / COMM: 050-3355-8082

CJPM Customs Division

DSN: 755-8095 / COMM: 050-3355-8095

Deputy Chief
DSN: 755-8086 / COMM: 050-3355-8086

Yongsan Customs Office
DSN: 738-5111 / COMM: 050-3338-5111

Incheon Int. Airport Customs Office
DSN: 722-6158 / COMM: 050-3322-6158

Black Market Hotline
DSN: 755-8090 / COMM: 050-3355-8090

Humphreys Customs Office
DSN: 755-1956/1955 / COMM: 050-3355-1956/1955

Daegu Customs Office
DSN: 763-6250 / COMM: 050-3363-6250

Busan Customs Office
DSN: 763-6260 / COMM: 050-3363-6260


DSN: 755-8069 / COMM: 050-3355-8069

Deputy Chief
DSN: 755-8070 / COMM: 050-3355-8070

CJPM Protection Division

DSN: 755-4524 / COMM: 050-3355-4524

Critical Infrastructure Protection Analyst
DSN: 755-4525 / COMM: 050-3355-4525

DSN: 755-4527 / COMM: 050-3355-4527