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Office of the Civilian Personnel Director, FKCP


Welcome to the Civilian Personnel Directorate, the policy office for the US Forces Korea Korean National Labor Program. As the Executive Agent of the Korean National Labor Program on behalf of DoD and US Pacific Command, and in coordination with Army, Air Force and Navy service component representatives, we are committed to establishing human resources and compensation policies that enable DoD organizations and invited contractors working in the Republic of Korea to employ, manage and retain a highly professional local national civilian workforce in support of the United States Forces Korea mission and the ROK-US alliance.    We are dedicated to providing outstanding human resources leadership through innovative guidance, problem solving, and human capital planning.  We are the USFK representative for Korean National employee matters to the Republic of Korea Ministry of Employment and Labor as well as the National Labor Relations Commission.  


Our mission is to enhance command readiness by developing, managing and executing Korean National human resources policies, programs, and systems for the USFK Korean National workforce on behalf of the US Department of Defense for all DoD organizations and invited contractors working in Korea under the provisions of the Republic of Korea- United States Status of Forces Agreement.  


To serve with integrity as the most highly respected civilian human resource experts in our profession as a result of our leadership in developing sound human resources polices, processes and initiatives, to provide superior service to customers through United States Forces Korea.

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        Lebanon M. Spann III


Office of the Director
DSN: 755-2730

Deputy Director
DSN: 755-2731

Executive Admin Assistant
DSN: 755-2433

Labor  Performance Management Division
DSN: 755-2431

KN Labor Advisor
DSN: 755-2422/2421

KN MER/Training/Awards/KEAB Advisor
DSN: 755-2434/2421

Staffing, Benefits, Classification Division
DSN: 755-2428

KN Staffing/Classification Advisor
DSN: 755-2426/2421

US Staffing/Classification Advisor
DSN: 755-2733/2423/2429