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Judge Advocate, FKJA


Welcome to the Judge Advocate website! We are a joint and combined team of military and civilian legal professionals supporting the readiness, fighting strength, and morale of USFK. 

Through expert legal advice to our clients, we ensure adequate levels of personnel are provided to theater service components so that they can “fight tonight.” 

Our goal is to improve communication, understanding and cooperation between our staff and our customers.  This website is one mechanism to achieve that goal.  


Acts as the primary and special staff legal advisor to the Commander, United Nations Command (UNC) and the Commander, United States Forces Korea (USFK).  Supervises the provision of legal support to all Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine subordinate units in the Korea Theater of Operations.  As Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, 8th US Army, responsible for all U.S. Army legal services within Korea (including technical oversight of subordinate general court-martial jurisdictions).  Promulgates theater Army legal policy.

USFK Organization

Judge Advocate COL Penland, R. Tideman Jr.

Judge Advocate: COL Penland, R. Tideman Jr.


Unit Content Manager
DSN: 755-4540

Executive Division
Judge Advocate
DSN: 755-4529

Deputy Judge Advocate
DSN: 755-4530

Special Advisor to the Judge Advocate
DSN: 755-4535

Senior Legal Administrator
DSN 755-4540

Administrative Law Chief
DSN: 755-4546

DSN: 755-4542

International Law Chief, International Law Operations
DSN: 755-4531

International Agreements Chief
DSN: 755-4534

Operational Law Chief
DSN: 755-4532