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SOFA Secretariat, FKDC-SA


The Office of the SOFA Secretariat supports the United States Representative to the US-ROK SOFA Joint Committee. The Joint Committee is a consultative body established by international agreement (the SOFA) pursuant to the US-ROK Mutual Defense Treaty. The Deputy Commander, United States Forces Korea, is appointed by the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Korea to represent the United States Government. The Office of the SOFA Secretariat provides a cadre of international relations officers to support the Joint Committee activities and auxiliary organs established by the Joint Committee (subcommittees, working groups, etc.), and to advise UNC/CFC/USFK commanders and staff on international relations issues and SOFA policy and implementation.


Render international relations policy advice and analysis in support of US Representative (DCDR, USFK/KORCOM) and conduct liaison with R.O.K. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) concerning SOFA implementation and related bilateral issues.

Support US (USFK/KORCOM) components of subcommittees and working groups established to implement SOFA provisions and to negotiate implementing agreements, understandings and views with ROKG.

Plan, organize, and execute Joint Committee, Special Joint Committee, and subcommittee meetings.

Record, maintain & publish official records of meetings, international agreements and Joint Committee correspondence.


USFK Organization


Special Assistant for International Relations/SOFA
DSN: 723-6046 

Administrative Officer
DSN:  723-3417

International Relations Officer
DSN:  723-6374

International Relations Officer
DSN:  723-7718

Language Specialist (Interpreter-Translator)
DSN:  723-7719

FAX: 723-4406