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Welcome to the Land of the Morning Calm and the USFK J2 / Joint Intelligence Operations Center – Korea (JIOC-K) page!  Our primary mission is to provide timely intelligence to Commander, Combined Forces Command, the combined battle staff, and the war fighting component commanders.  We have a strong team of talented U.S. and ROK intelligence professionals who play a critical role in enforcing the Armistice and deterring North Korean Aggression.  Our work is dynamic, fast-paced, challenging and rewarding. 

JIOC-K efforts focus on:

  • Detecting enemy threats,
  • Managing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance activities,
  • Analyzing enemy actions and information to determine his probable courses of action,
  • Providing finished intelligence to the Commander and other users, and
  • Transforming theater intelligence activities to better leverage the capabilities of the theater and global intelligence communities.

If you are scheduled for assignment to USFK J2 / JIOC-K, please contact the J2 staff for assistance.

J2-XO Executive Officer                                                 
DSN: (315) 725-4310/723-2230                                                            
CML: +82-2-7915-4310

DSN: (315) 723-2007

Exercise Augmentation
CML: +82-2-7913-2279


Mission and Vision

The Joint Intelligence Operations Center – Korea (JIOC-K) is the United States Forces Korea (USFK) organization responsible for executing and coordinating the Intelligence Campaign Plan (ICP) in support of the Korea Family of Plans (KOFPLAN).

Intelligence forces in the Korean theater will transform to be a more adaptable, flexible, joint, and combined force which effectively and efficiently leverages the theater and global intelligence communities to support the requirements of our CFC decision makers.




C2 End of Year Holiday Party

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Brig. Gen. Michael L. Downs





Unit Content Manager
DSN: 722-2057

DCofS J2
DSN: 725-4310

Deputy J2
DSN: 723-3612

J2 Executive Officer
DSN: 725-4310/723-2230

Executive Admin Assistant
DSN: 725-3859/723-6548

Senior Enlisted Advisor
DSN: 723-7401

Administrative Office
DSN: 723-3785

Resource Management
DSN: 722-2052

DSN: 722-7056

Foreign Disclosure
DSN: 722-2036

Assistant J2
DSN: 723-3612/723-3111

J22 All Source Analysis Division

DSN: 723-6304 (STE)

J23 Intelligence Operations Division

DSN: 722-2007

J26 Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Division

DSN: 723-8347

J25 Strategic Estimates, Target Intelligence, Exercise and Plans Division

DSN: 723-3918