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I am very pleased to welcome you to United States Forces (USFK) and the J5 Team!  I am sure you will find this assignment challenging and very rewarding, both personally and professionally.  As you know – Korea, the strategic center of Northeast Asia, is a unique duty location with a continuous real world focus.

Please contact us so we can send you an Army Community Services (ACS) welcome packet that will provide a wealth of information about Korea.  We will also send you a Relocation Information Guide for Yongsan, Korea.  It will provide you and your family answers to most of your questions pertaining to relocating to Yongsan, Korea.

As soon as we hear from you, we will assign you a sponsor.  They will provide assistance to you and your family to ensure a smooth and safe transition to Korea.

Please contact my Executive Officer at DSN: (315) 725-6411 or COM: 011-82-2-7915-6411.

Please contact our webmaster at 723-8723 if you have any questions or notice any errors on our site.

Again, welcome to the J5 Team!


J5 conducts strategic and operational; political-military estimates, policy and strategy formulation and interagency coordination. We execute deliberate and contingency Theater campaign planning and coordinate strategic U.S. and coalition force flow. J5 conducts U.S. international negotiations, Alliance coordination and U.S. force planning. We coordinate Congressional Affairs; serve on both the American Embassy Country Team and the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) committee.


A high performing directorate filled with Joint military and civilian team members serving in their assignment of choice. We seamlessly collaborate with Joint, Combined, Coalition, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International Organizations (IOs) and Interagency elements. J5 actively supports a vibrant ROK democracy, U.S. and ROK military transformation and defense reform while remaining postured to immediately transition to war. Our goal is a strong, maturing U.S.-ROK Alliance that effectively protects the U.S. and ROK homelands and maintains peace and stability in NEA.

USFK Organization


Unit Content Manager
DSN: 723-8723

ACofS, J5 (FKJ5)
DSN: 725-6411

Deputy ACofS, J5 (FKJ5)
DSN: 723-5548

ACofS, J5 XO(FKJ5)

Executive Officer (USAF)
DSN: 725-6411

Aide-de-Camp (USMC)
DSN: 725-5121

Operations NCO (USMC)
DSN: 723-3813

J5 Plans Division (FKJ5-P)

Force Plans Officer (USA)
DSN: 723-3081

Senior Military Analyst (CIV)
DSN: 723-8781

Senior Military Analyst (CIV)
DSN: 725-5366

Senior Military Analyst (CIV)
DSN: 725-5099

J5 Policy Division (FKJ5-J)

Pol-Mil Planning Officer (USAF)
DSN: 723-8683

Pol-Mil Planning Officer (USMC)
DSN: 723-8715

Pol-Mil Planning Officer (USA)
DSN: 725-5691

Administrative NCO (USAF)
DSN: 725-5692