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Welcome to the J1 page!  We are a joint and combined team of military, civilian and contractor professionals supporting the readiness, fighting strength, and morale of USFK.  Through the formulation and interpretation of personnel management policies, we ensure adequate levels of personnel are provided to theater service components so that they can “fight tonight”.  Our goal is to improve communication, understanding and cooperation between our staff and our customers.  This website is one mechanism to achieve that goal.  Our page contains links to each of our divisions and the USFK Air Force Element.

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Mission and Vision

Serves as the principal personnel and manpower advisor to the Commander, United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command (CFC) and United States Forces Korea (USFK).  Principal coordinator for monitoring US Force flow IAW CFC/USFK priorities to enhance the readiness and operational capabilities of the total force.  Prepare personnel status and manning reports; develop and source joint personnel wartime manning requirements.  Establish combat personnel reporting procedures and evaluate combat personnel reports.  Requisition for U.S. joint military personnel in support of present and future USFK requirements with personnel that possess the right skills and experience.  Supports and maintains accountability of non-combatants during NEO.  Coordinate personnel support programs and conduct cultural events for the CFC/USFK staffs to promote cross-cultural understanding and esprit de corps.


USFK Organization


ACofS, J1/DACofS, C1, Col Harris
DSN: 723-6035

Deputy ACofS, J1
DSN: 725-9918

Chief Human Resource Office
DSN: 723-5645

HR Analysts
DSN: 723-4293 / 3482 / 7488

DSN: 723-8372

Executive Officer
DSN: 723-3141

DSN: 723-6135

C/J1 Plans & OPNS DIV
Division Chief
DSN: 723-8918

Deputy Officer
DSN: 723-4037

Plans OIC
DSN: 723-3392

Plans Officer
DSN: 725-6543

Operations OIC
DSN: 725-4381

Operations NCOIC
DSN: 723-3713

Reserve Affairs
DSN: 725-6541

DSN: 723-3674

C/J1 Manpower and PERS Policy/Programs DIV
Division Chief
DSN: 723-3237

Manpower Branch
DSN: 723-3654

Command Sponsorship
DSN: 723-7514

Programs and Policy
DSN: 723-5632

Education Branch
DSN: 725-4336

C/J1 Personnel Services Division
Division Chief
DSN: 723-3742

Personnel Systems Branch
DSN: 723-8225

Ration Control Customer Services
DSN: 723-7189/6123

Air Force Element
DSN: 723-3647 / 6203 / 8569

Army Element
DSN: 723-3482

Navy Element
DSN: 723-3481/3137
FAX/DSN: 723-8628