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Welcome to ACofS Engineer (FKEN)!  We turn ideas into reality.  Within this web page you can find current information about our mission, staff organization, contact phone numbers and links to relevant information.   We want you to be able to learn who we are and what we do during your virtual visit. 


USFK Engineers advises the Commander in Chief, U.S. Forces Korea on:

  • Theater Master Planning (Vision,  Stationing - Resourcing)
  • Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Host Nation Funded Construction (HNFC)
  • Exercise Related Construction (ERC)
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Disposal (SOFA Subcommittee)
  • Family Housing Initiatives
  • Environmental Policies and Programs (SOFA Subcommittee)
  • Topographic/Geospatial Information Systems Engineering
  • Contingency Operations; Construction, Maintenance and Repair of facilities and infrastructure
  • Engineer Transition to War Planning

USFK ACofS Engineer organizes and trains his staff to execute Armistice and Contingency responsibilities.  During Armistice, USFK ACofS Engineer develops the theater master plan; acquires and maintains facilities and areas for USFK stationing and training; develops and enforces the commander’s environmental policy; develops and maintains engineer portions of the operation plan for USFK and plans Theater GI&S support. 

During contingencies USFK ACofS Engineer plans and oversees execution of engineer operations and advises the commander on wartime engineering, real estate and theater mapping requirements.


USFK Engineer is a unique community with a reputation of excellence.  An organization that provides the Commander maximum flexibility for Theater Operations.



USFK Organization

Director: Col. John P, Lloyd


ACofS, Engineer
DSN 755-8567

DSN 722-0153

DSN 722-0152

Plans and Operation Division
DSN 755-8591

Plans Officer
DSN 755-8582

Information Technology Specialist
DSN 755-8589

Real Estate/ SOFA Division
DSN 755-8571

Realty Specialist (Area I, Air Force)
DSN 755-8575

Realty Specialist (Area II, G3, Marines, Boundary Survey)
DSN 755-8574

Realty Specialist (Area III, Area IV, Navy)
DSN 755-8573

Administrative Specialist
DSN 755-8577

Construction Management
DSN 755-8578

Chief, Construction Branch
DSN 755-8579

Host Nation Funded Construction Engineer
DSN 723-6366

Contingency Construction Engineer
DSN 755-8580

Administrative Specialist
DSN 755-8581

DSN 755-8572

Administrative Specialist
DSN 755-8576