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Command Philosphy

  • Command Climate/Environment-the foundation of a high performance organization

    • Effective communication (often-formal and informal) (Personal Battle Rhythm).

    • Trust

    •  Teamwork
  • Empower subordinate commanders

    • Mission, Intent, Clear Guidance     
  • Understand my intent – Move out 

  • High Standards in the fundamentals – a foundation of our profession

    • Discipline

    • Fitness

    • Value

    • Security – Understand and discuss risk
  • Common sense – Be Practical

  • Good staff work – “Agility is good thinking done in advance”

  • A human endeavor – take care of people

    • Mental, physical, spiritual, family, career

Command Priorites

USFK Vision Statement

Lead trained and ready joint ROK-U.S. combined forces, and UNC Multinational Forces, capable of deterring external aggression and defending the Korean Peninsula, while strengthening the ROK-U.S. Alliance, maintaining the military Armistice in Korea, and seamlessly transitioning to a ROK-led combined defense.


  • Sustain and Strengthen the Alliance.

  • Maintain the Armistice. Be Ready to “Fight Tonight.” Deter and Defeat Aggression.

  • Transform the Alliance.

  • Sustain Force and Enhance the Team – UNC/CFC/USFK.

Commander UNC/CFC/USFK

             Gen. Robert B. Abrams